Guide to Watercolor Mixing Charts

Cover of Mixing Chart Guide ©ScratchmadeJournal.jpg
Cover of Mixing Chart Guide ©ScratchmadeJournal.jpg

Guide to Watercolor Mixing Charts


An in-depth resource that shares information and instructions for creating and using a variety of watercolor mixing charts. These instructions can also be used to make color charts for any medium (oil, acrylic, gouache, etc). Learn more about this guide at my blog.

What's inside:

  • How to create & use a stair or stepped mixing chart

  • Three stair chart printables

  • How to create & use a mega mixing chart (square, rectangle etc)

  • Three square chart printables

  • Mixing Chart Q&A

  • Instructions for creating & using 5 additional color charts

  • And more!


  • 19 pages of images & information

  • Printable PDF format

  • Available for immediate download

  • Formatted for letter-size or 8.5x11-inch paper

  • Landscape format with room for optional binding

Click here to preview the first three pages.

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International Readers:

I am U.S. based but always consider international readers with everything I write and publish. I appreciate your readership very much! This guide uses Standard/Imperial measurements but only as examples; the instructions are easily converted to metric. The guide is formatted for a landscape oriented U.S. letter-sized sheet (279.4w x 215.9h mm) but will scale to fit an A4 printer sheet.

Important Information:

  • Please review store policies before purchasing.

  • After purchase, a secure link to the PDF file will be emailed to you & must be downloaded within 24 hours.

  • Extreme effort has been made to correctly represent all information, but please make allowances for monitor & printer differences.

  • I retain complete copyright to all images, artwork, and content sold or given.

  • It is a violation of copyright to reproduce, share, or alter this work or any part of it in any way or form including electronically.

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