Nature Journaling Class -

Though my first love is sharing information here at Scratchmade Journal, I occasionally have the privilege of teaching classes, workshops, and more. Events can be tailored for nearly all ages and skill levels. To view upcoming events or host an event, see below.

Note: We're in the process of building & moving, so I'm unable to host any events at this time. However, if you're interested in hosting an event, please contact me. Thanks!

Host an Event

I'm a seasoned educator and have been honored to lead classes and workshops on various topics for all ages. If you're interested in having me come to your group or event, I'd love to talk with you. To discuss the arrangement of an event, please contact me. You can learn more about me here

Examples of past classes & workshops:

  • Watercolor (various)
  • Beginning an Art Journal
  • Hand Lettering 101
  • The Art of Birding
  • Illustrative Garden Journaling
  • Celebrating Scripture with Art
  • Incorporating & Encouraging the Gentle Art of Nature Study (for educators)
  • Field Biology (high school level)
  • Mycology: Identifying, Studying, & Sketching Mushrooms
  • Dendrology: Identifying & Sketching Trees
  • Field Notebooking
  • And more!

Online Classes

Though I don't currently offer classes online, I'm researching the possibility of adding this feature in 2018. If this is something you're interested in, I'd love to connect with you, so please keep checking in!

I do offer other online resources. You can always find valuable tutorials and more at my blog and at my YouTube channel. You can also learn more on specific subjects here.


"I found Tonya's class very informative and helpful. As an overwhelmed beginner, it was most instructive. Tonya is very encouraging and inspiring, and I would be very interested in more of these sessions." G. Buchanan

"Tonya has an amazing wealth of knowledge about watercolors, related products, and art journaling. But none of that is as important as her ability to convey that information in a wonderfully understandable way to her students and readers. Her thoughtful guidance has been more helpful to me than any other source I've found." M. Sabin

"Tonya's information on pigment, supplies, paper, and overall knowledge of watercolor opened up a new world to me. Things I never understood started to make sense. Tonya's instruction is very helpful because it is down to earth, and she covers every angle of any issue. I am impressed by the way she makes sketching and journaling accessible and possible for anybody." A. Koehn

"I've dabbled in acrylic painting, but watercolor has always intimidated me. Tonya changed all that. She is so passionate about watercolor that her enthusiasm exudes and encourages even the apprehensive. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone." J. Hamil-Green