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Hi, and thanks for reaching out! If you have any questions about my work or this website or are interested in scheduling a class or workshop, please contact me. I read every email that I receive and highly value your communication.

Though I would LOVE to correspond with you, because of the volume of emails that I receive, I'm unable to answer individual questions regarding techniques, supplies, etc. I do respond to relevant comments and questions at my blog.

If you have specific concerns (how to incorporate nature journaling, evaluating or help with sketches and/or paintings, questions about a color palette or art supplies, getting started with watercolor, etc), I offer personal consultations for a small fee.

To maintain the integrity of this website, I absolutely do NOT repost content, participate in content promotion or link sharing, or accept sponsorships or paid content. This policy is firm and nonnegotiable.

Cheers & happy painting!

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