Classes & Workshops

I offer a variety of classes and workshops in sketching, lettering & nature journaling. Classes are very affordable and can be structured to fit almost any subject or schedule. Examples are listed below. If you live in the North Carolina High Country area, I also host an ongoing nature sketching group and homeschool nature study classes.

To discuss the arrangement of a class or workshop, or to learn more about homeschool classes, please contact me.

Information on scheduling a nature journaling mini-session class -

Mini Sessions

Mini sessions are subject-based classes that usually last around 2-3 hours but can be expanded to day-long workshops. Most of these sessions concentrate on improving various sketching & observation skills. Examples:

  • The Art of Birding
  • Identifying & Sketching Trees/Insects/etc
  • Capturing Seasonal Landscapes
  • Creating a Botanical Field Journal
  • Illustrative Garden Journaling
  • Journaling with Ink & Watercolor
  • Lettering 101

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Capturing Nature's Wonder

Capturing Nature's Wonder is a 1-2 day long workshop that focuses on a step-by-step process to observe and quickly sketch the world around us. Depending on time allowed, the workshop may include:

  • Tips & tools on sketching & painting outdoors
  • Discover how to choose a subject & make it your own
  • Improving & simplifying the sketching process
  • Honing observation techniques
  • Successful documentation & field notes
  • Choosing & mixing colors
  • How to build on reference sketches and more!

Science based nature journaling classes for advanced students -

The Science of Nature Study

The Science of Nature Study is a series of classes that are subject-based (atmospheric, biological, zoological, geographical, geological, etc) and structured for upper level students or adults.

Curriculum typically includes a combination of field study (sampling, observing, data collection, etc) and lab work. Classes usually meet weekly for multiple sessions and may be counted toward homeschool credit hours in the state of North Carolina.

Classes designed to teach children the art of observation & discovery -

Exploring Nature with the Senses

Exploring Nature with the Senses is a beginning nature study class for young children, ages 6 and under, that encourages students to understand why learning about nature is important, how the world can be explored safely, and how to discover the world around them by using their senses.

Class is typically 45 minutes to an hour in length. Depending on the situation and/or class location, a parent or teacher/supervisor(s) are usually required to be in attendance alongside the children.

Classes for educators: Learning how to lead others in the gentle art of nature study -

Teaching the Art of Nature Study

This 2-3 hour long class is specifically for educators & those who deeply desire to learn how to lead and train children in the gentle art of nature study. The class typically includes:

  • Tool suggestions & demonstrations for specific ages
  • Appropriate nature study activities for each age
  • Tips for encouraging observation & exploration
  • Various avenues for inspiring nature study
  • How to help students keep or revive their creativity
  • Making nature study a part of everyday curriculum
  • And more!

Bible journaling & scripture classes and groups -

Journaling 101

This 2-3 hour long class covers supplies, tips, encouragement, and tricks of the trade to beginning and keeping an illustrated art, Bible, or prayer journal.

I am also working on starting a bi-monthly Bible and scripture journaling fellowship and class in Boone, NC. If you are interested in participating, please contact me!