Free Watercolor Birthday Card Printables

I have two dear friends who celebrated birthdays this week, and since it is World Watercolor Month, I happily doodled each a birthday card to go along with their gifts.

Just to encourage you on your sketching and watercolor journey, I was halfway through with one card when this happened.

watercolor oops -

Frustrating, to say the least, but I am sure you can relate! Sometimes there is nothing to do but begin again. Needless to say, I was much more careful the second time around.

You are welcome to download these two birthday cards to print and share. The "beautiful day" card could also be used for any occasion. For the free printable, just click on the button below.

Enjoy, and cheers to another year!

Free Printable

I’m so sorry but the mean people have ruined it for everyone. Due to chronic copyright violations, this printable is unavailable until I can better secure my site.