Scratchmade Journal is off sketching!

Hello, and thanks for visiting my website! This blog is very much active, but I'm currently taking a blogging break until June. Spring seems to be the time of year when there are more things that I want to sketch than there are hours in the day. Plus, I really needed some uninterrupted playtime with my family.

I encourage you to also carve out time for yourself and to nourish your creative soul. You can learn more about art journaling, nature sketching, and hand lettering at the links. To see all the latest blog posts, simply scroll down through this page. And feel free to leave me a comment. I'm still very much around!

Not only am I taking time to sketch, rest, and play, I'm also working on some great new posts including reviews, tutorials, downloadable resources, AND giveaways! The best way to make sure that you don’t miss out on future news is to sign up to receive my blog posts via email.

During the blogging break, I'll still be checking in on Facebook and Instagram where I often post progress sketches and finished pieces, so feel free to follow Scratchmade Journal on social media.

Thanks, again, for the visit. See you soon, and happy sketching!

P.S. If you've had trouble with my site lately, please accept my apologies! I made a few changes to make things more secure for my readers, and it caused some issues like subscribers not being subscribed and a loss of many of your precious comments. (Please know how greatly I value your comments and find them constantly encouraging!) I will also be using this time to continue to resolve these issues and make a few additional adjustments, so thanks for your patience.