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Hi, and thanks for stopping by! Though I am a longtime educator, writer, and homeschooling mother who loves natural history and being outdoors, until recently, I was not a sketcher or painter. 

Two years ago, my family and I went through an overwhelming crisis. At the time, I desperately needed something to keep my mind off of our troubles. On a whim, I grabbed the kids’ watercolors out of the art bin and began to tentatively draw and paint within the pages of my prayer journal.

I began totally from scratch and with absolutely no idea what I was doing, but I quickly discovered that I loved trying to capture the natural world around me. Daily focusing on God's creation through sketching, painting, and lettering calmed my anxious heart and helped me navigate through that tumultuous time.

And I still love discovering and exploring the world around me though art! Art has opened up a doorway of knowledge, beauty, and wonder that I do not think I would have discovered otherwise.

I began this scratchmade blog to encourage you to follow your creative heart also. I hope my work inspires & encourages you, because I assure you that if I can do this, anyone can! Feel free to contact me anytime, and to be notified of new posts, giveaways, freebies and more, just fill out the form below.

xo- Tonya

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