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I started Scratchmade Journal to encourage others to pursue the joy I discovered through sketching, painting, and art journaling. This website and blog mainly focuses on nature, scripture, and Bible journaling infused with a love of hand lettering.

I am a Christian, but I am not into religion. I believe that all are invited and welcome to find salvation, joy, and hope through Jesus Christ. I believe that all men and women are created as equal yet unique individuals, so therefore I will never, ever discriminate for any reason, religious or otherwise. May you always feel welcome here!

Everything on this website (all artwork, photos, content, tutorials, downloads/printables, deep thoughts, etc) belongs to me (Tonya) at Scratchmade Journal.

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Sharing a link with a grabbed image via social media (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc) is totally fine. Word of mouth is much appreciated, plus I'm happy my work spoke to you, so thanks!

Downloads and printables are for personal use only and may not be copied, redistributed, reformatted, or shared for any reason in any media without permission. Please do not share the original PDF or a direct link to the download. Sharing a link or pin to the original post where the printable or download is mentioned is just fine.

If you need an image or portion of text, please ask permission via the contact form. (I'll probably say yes.)

Affiliate Policy
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Regarding my affiliate relationship with Amazon... While I recognize that there are some exemplary small business, third-party sellers associated with Amazon, I prefer to affiliate link only to items that are sold and shipped by Amazon or well-recognized companies. Occasionally I will link to an item sold and shipped by Amazon, but for various reasons, Amazon changes the provider after I have created the affiliate link. Please exercise your own discernment when shopping on Amazon or any other website.

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Product Policy
I purchase most of the products I review at full price simply for myself. I'm happy to share my experiences with others in the hopes that it will help readers wisely save or spend their hard-earned dollars. However, if I do receive a product at a discount or for free, I will disclose that information in the review. Likewise, any products in giveaways or other areas of the blog are always paid for in full by me unless otherwise stated. For more on the giveaway policy, see below.

Giveaway Policy
All products or services in giveaways are paid for in full by me unless otherwise stated. If I receive a giveaway product or service at a discount or for free, I will fully disclose that information within the giveaway promotion. All giveaway participants must be 1) at or above the age of 18; 2) have a U.S. mailing address; 3) follow any additional rules stated within each, individual giveaway promotion.

Current reasons for U.S. only shipping requirements for giveaways:
- Certain art material's ingredients are banned for personal transport or shipment into certain countries.
- The cost of international shipping is usually beyond my current budget.

I hope the blog will continue to grow so I can eventually include non-US resident subscribers. Please know that I would love to do so!

Broken or Questionable Links
I try my best to maintain a pleasing and up-to-date website so you can have a good, safe experience every time you visit SJ. However, it is a very big job to keep up with it all. If you discover a broken link on my site, or especially a link that goes to an invalid or spammy website, please contact me so I can remove it immediately. Thank you so much for taking the time to do so. I appreciate your input!

My Promise
I highly value kindness, honesty, and integrity, and it is my goal to manage a website that encourages you wherever you are in your artistic journey.

It is important to me that Scratchmade Journal is a safe and fun place for anyone at any age to find valid, quality information. You won't find foul language or inappropriate sketches or content at this blog.

Any small amount of compensation received though the services of this blog will never influence the content, topics, or posts made in this blog.

Thank you very much for your support!