What's in My Toolkit

Click on the photo to see a current list of my favorite sketching and watercoloring tools. I try to update this list often, but if you have any questions about any particular products you have noticed me use, feel free to contact me.

I'm also constantly reviewing new products. Many make the cut; many don't. You can see all of my reviews here.

Artist Supplies

I'm an affiliate partner with Amazon and have purchased from this company for many, many years with nothing but good experiences. However, I have had some serious issues with Amazon's third-party sellers, so please proceed with caution unless ordering something sold and shipped by Amazon or from a reputable company.

I am not affiliated with Dick Blick or Cheap Joe's, but I use and highly recommend both these companies.

No matter where you buy your art supplies from, always choose quality over quantity. Here's why.

Calligraphy Supplies

For calligraphy supplies, I absolutely love John Neal Bookseller. This is my go-to resource for most of my needs. I highly recommend JNB, and I am proud to be an affiliate partner. If you click here to begin shopping (you don't have to purchase any items on this page), your order helps support this blog, so thank you!!!

Another good resource that I have experience with is Paper Ink Arts. I am not affiliated with PIA, but I am a member of their reward program. Clicking on this link to shop helps me out, so thanks!

For more on calligraphy supplies, you can see my articles here.

fountain pen supplies - scratchmadejournal.com

Fountain Pens & Inks

John Neal Bookseller carries my absolutely favorite fountain pen, the Lamy Al-Star, along with a wide variety of inks and papers. (Just make sure the ink you choose is compatible with fountain pens!) If JNB doesn't have what you are looking for, I have one word for you...

Goulet. I'm not affilated in any way with this amazing, family-run company, but I highly recommend The Goulet Pen Company. Goulet has fantastic customer service and an extremely wide variety of pens, inks, and pen paraphernalia to choose from. My only issue with this company is that I'm tempted to spend way too much every time I shop there!